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Home for the Holidays

A big thanks to the parent volunteers who supervised our students during our staff holiday luncheon.

A big thanks to the parent volunteers who supervised our students during our staff holiday luncheon.

“The most valuable thing we can do for the psyche, occasionally, is to let it rest, wander, live in the changing light of room, not try to be or do anything whatever.”     May Sarton

The muggy days of early September are a faded image in the rear mirror of our school year and we find ourselves at the end of the first third of our school year. In the true sense of the word we’ve had an eventful start to this year, especially in the past few weeks. In the midst of these events is important for me to note a few things that, I believe, truly reflect the essence of our Park Avenue PS community.

Our staff, students and families led another successful Holiday Toy & Food drive and we are grateful to the staff, School Council and Student Council members who sorted and organized our hampers in preparation for delivery. Our staff were also very grateful for the parents (pictured above) who provided lunch hour supervision so the entire staff could gather for a holiday luncheon. These little acts of kindness, accumulated, are what make our school a special place.

I’ve had the chance to spend a great deal of time in the halls, dropping in to classrooms and out in the yard over the past few weeks, spending time talking with students and getting to know them in a variety of authentic contexts and they’ve had the chance to get to know me better as well. They’ve learned that the least likely place they can usually find me is in the office and that they can usually count on me to greet them as they arrive in the morning and wish them a pleasant evening as they leave. Being visible, being available and being involved; for staff, parents and students, these are the most important things to me as our school’s principal.

One thing I have noticed is the student’s growing awareness of my presence online, through this blog, my own Twitter feed, @bharrisonp and our school Twitter site @ParkAvenuePS. More of them are reading this blog, more are stopping by the Twitter sites and some are even following. This is a good thing; my goal is to help create another source of connection for us as a school community and model for our students the positive ways that we can use social media. A reminder, you do not have to have a Twitter account to access the feeds, just type either name in a search bar and the link will pop up.

I’ve been talking a lot with our older students this week for lots of reasons and one of the suggestions I’ve made to students and parents as we approach the holiday is to unplug for a bit; turn off the connection devices and invest some face to face time with family and friends. That’s what I’ll be doing so you can expect our school social media spaces to go dark for a few weeks while I rest, let my thoughts wander and relax.

So, on behalf of our Park Avenue PS staff; I wish you a happy holiday season and a New Year filled with opportunity and will look forward to continuing our work together on Monday the 7th of January, 2013.

Peace 🙂

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