Say Yes

Photo- B. Harrison

“As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.”         ~Louise Hay~

 It’s easy to say no, to play it safe, stay on the couch and avoid change. It is. We can almost always find a plethora of reasons to say no.

This #connectEdca reflection is about saying yes. A few years back my wife, @techieAng suggested I join Twitter and start to build a Personal Learning Network. Like many of my principal and vice-principal colleagues, it would have been easy to say no. But I said yes, and that ‘yes’ set off a wonderful chain of opportunities.

Last November @neilstephenson and @gcouros tweeted out an invite to those who might be interested in joining in an Elluminate planning conversation for the innaugrual ConnectEd Canada conference. I said yes. When Neil and George asked if I’d be flying out to attend the conference, I said ‘yes’ and, with the support of my superintendent, made the arrangements to fly out to Calgary for the event. When @banana29, @Gill_Ville and @msbarclay tweeted out the idea we share a cab from the airport, said yes and got the chance to meet 3 more members of my PLN face to face.

After a great morning of classroom visits at the Calgary Science School, @thecleversheep asked if I’d like to join him on an afternoon drive to Banff to see the mountains, I said yes (and so did @Gill_Ville). On the way, we shared stories, talked about our experiences, perspectives and gave a richer context to the connections we had made through social media.

After a quick run to pick @zbpipe up at the airport we headed to the evening session for some engaging talks and talk time with the diverse crowd of educators who had come from across Canada for the event (a shout out to @wrightsroom for a stirring and powerful talk).

It’s okay to say no and sometimes I need to say no~ but in this case, I’m glad I said ‘yes’. Yes opens a world of potential circumstances and events that can be serendipitous. None of the rich and meaningful connections would have happened if I’d said no.

Yes helps me assume a learning stance and engage the unknown. Yes opens up my inquiry and expands my networks. And yes allowed me to enjoy the awesome beauty captured in the photo above. Today was a yes day.

  1. May 26, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    And I’m very glad I said yes to continue the conversation in your ConnectedCA conversation. Your transparency and collegial approach to learning was modelled for the many teachers in attendance. Kudos!

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