Choir Practice

“I used the believe that people’s beliefs determined their practices. And now I think people’s practices determine their beliefs.”                                      ~Richard Elmore~

I’ll be posting from the ConnectEd Canada conference in bursts this weekend. Partly to document and share(ski) the experience, but also to keep a running record of reflections that I can craft into the report my Superintendent is expecting upon my return.

This morning, as I enjoy a coffee in my hotel room, I’ll make a quick point about the importance of social media in building a PLN. We had a social last night at a local pub and had the chance to meet, face to face, people that I had been working with, and learning with, from across Canada. It was great to strengthen the connections that we had made through Twitter and our blogging. The smartphones were out as we tweeted pics and added followers.

The evening was like one of those Friday after school sessions of “choir practice’ that those of us in education are all to familiar with~except that we had come from across the country! Without my PLN and the social media tools that facilitate it, none of this would be happening.

The colleagues I work with in my home district are working through how this ‘Twitter/Blogging” thing fits as a tool for networked learning and I am quite happy to take the risk and explore this area. The rewards offered by my PLN and the ways they have challenged me to shift my beliefs make the risk more than worth it.

  1. May 25, 2012 at 10:16 am

    It was GREAT to meet you and spend some time talking Brian. I look forward to sharing and learning with you!

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