Eye Times

Photo Credit- NASA Public Domain

You’re the finest thing that I’ve done
The hurricane I’ll never outrun
I could wait around for the dust to still
But I don’t believe that it ever will

Hurricane : Scott Cutler, Anna Previn, Greta Morgan

When I look at a satellite image of a hurricane from space the intricate detail of the photos always draw me to the centre, the eye of the hurricane. Science tells us why and how the eye becomes what it is, but the almost spiritual calm in the centre of a raging, spiralling rampage of hot air is the most compelling image of all.

I believe  that good public schools are like the eye of a hurricane; a place where we can settle our children while the world rages around and around.  We are in the midst stormy times~ the shifting global economy, the challenges of adaptation and change and the manner in which governments and stakeholders are responding to these changes~ these are all swirling about and the air is getting hotter.

I hope we all remember that our schools have to be like the eye of the hurricane~ our children need that from us, more than ever.

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