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Daughters, Dancing & Dads

This is my daughter, last night at her dance recital. And this is not a post on the power of the arts and the impact they have on student learning ~ although it could be. Nor is this post about the benefits of leading a balanced life, mixing in time for exploration and play along with the ‘work’ that we must all do to meet our material needs ~ although it could be.

Nope, this post is about being a dad. My daughter’s dance recital is a big deal in our home and consumes a great deal of time and energy in the week leading up to the Friday and Saturday performances; which always occur on Father’s day weekend.

Every year my wife, @TechieAng, epxresses a twinge of concern that Father’s Day might get lost in the bustle, but it never does. First of all, I only attend the Friday night show and, on the Saturday, I find myself with a large chunk of alone time to putter around, read some report cards and otherwise occupy myself as I please, which is nice.

The other, and more important reason is represented in the photo shown above. The tall one is my daughter, a beaming, confident young lady leading the little dancers through the finale. Not too long ago, she was the little girl with chubby legs swaying back and forth to the music with a mixture of joy and terror written on her face. It doesn’t seem like yesterday, it feels like a lifetime ago because it is a lifetime ago; hers and ours. No better time than Father’s Day weekend to celebrate that, no better time.

Yesterday, I was joking with my colleagues that I would be off to the recital so I could see my money dance across the stage ~ it was, and is, worth every penny.

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  1. June 17, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Brian, I love this post! I remember reading it last year and getting all teary-eyed then, and I feel the same way today. Happy Father’s Day to an amazing dad, whose love for your children is so evident in the post above as well as your many tweets. I hope that you have a special day!


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